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Our expertise spans across all sorts of engineering projects including CMP retainer rings, brushes, rollers, other metal & plastic components and parts. By working closely with our customers, we are not only capable of developing the perfect quality with the desired characteristics but also produce immaculate components for your CMP processes.

Top-Notch Solutions

Over the years, we have accumulated invaluable experiences and amassed sufficient know-how, rendering us amongst only one of the few to be able to produce all-encompassing, solid solutions to appease all sorts of stringent requirements of customers from various industries.

Double-Layer Scrutiny

The double-layer scrutiny means we  conduct another check on those products that have already been inspected to ensure full quality compliance. 

Quality Control

Meticulous Inspection

What distinguishes us is our sheer grit and willingness to carry out meticulous inspection on every single product that we produce. Our second-to-none quality control is evident in all aspects of our delivery process. We have identified and ingrained an aerospace-level SPC program into our process, ensuring all critical specs are measured and certified.

100% Customer Retention

As part of our transparent quality practice, we ensure that each testing process is captured by video for verification of critical specifications, with all data uploaded to your customer portal before your products are shipped. As a result, we have never had lost a customer in the past 14 years. Our rigorously stringent quality control has made AKT the highest quality CMP consumable products producer in the world.

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