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Transparent Quality

Every access is protected with your username, password, and account history

Customer Portal

Act as gateway or portal for customers

Basic Information

Basic catalogue or brochure that demonstrates what products we manufacture

Quality Details

100% quality report and video

What is included in your customer portal:

CMM Report

SPC Report

Shipping Number & ETA Date

Quality Inspection Checklist

(OQA Checklist)

Certificate of Conformance

Quality Check Video

Continuity Planning

Four separate manufacturing factories

Safety Stocks For Customers

Process Stability

Adding backup multi-axis machines for precision part’s projects

100% Verification

✅ Every Ring CHECKED

  • ✅ 100% inspection
    • More than 20 attributes are measured.
    • All products are 100% visually inspected.
    • Helicoils are tested for tightness and torque strength on all rings and documented with video recorder.
    • Full traceability for all materials. 
  • ✅ No sampling, all products are checked
  • ✅ We guarantee every product is 100 % quality compliant

Video Available for Verification
of Critical Specifications

✅ Video On Your Customer Portal

  • Example: Video Tests for every ring and every helicoil
    • Working station No. 8 with CCTV cameras.
    • Double checking process on helicoil: check with torque wrench and tilt/ tightness check video.
    • Helicoil checking process for every part recorded.
    • Five years record data retention for tracking.
    • All data uploaded to your customer portal before your product ships.
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