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Getting To Know AKT

AKT Components is the highest quality CMP consumable parts solution and
other high precision plastic & metal components provider

Aerospace Level

Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified and SPC driven.

Production Factories

Our production capability is fortified by our four production factories and full set of backup equipment.

Strong Team

We are supported by a strong team of crossed-trained employees of highly qualified specialists.

Industry 4.0

We are actively surfing the wave of Industry 4.0, keenly involved in the dynamic transformation and adoption of fully automated production lines.

Our Product

Product & Service

AKT Components is renowned as the world’s leading provider of CMP consumable parts solution provider, specializing in the design and manufacturing of CMP retaining rings, and a trusted manufacturer of other high precision plastic and metal components. 

  • CMP Retainer Rings

    CMP Retainer Rings

  • CMP Brushes

  • CMP Consumable Parts

  • Scrubber System Components

  • Precision Metal Machining

  • Precision Plastic Machining

  • Components Packaging

  • Quality Management

  • Custom Engineering

  • Precision Solutions

The World’s Highest Quality
CMP Consumable Parts Solution

Serving World’s Leading Technology Companies

We guarantee absolute product consistency, running meticulous inspection on every single product that we produce and conduct reiterated counter-checking to ensure full quality compliance and 100% perfection before we ship.

Getting To Know AKT

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